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No doubt you would be familiar with 7 rules for perfectly pairing wine with food (if not, I added a link at the end for you) … But…. how about “pairing furniture” with your wines?


7 TIPS for Choosing furniture for your Winery, Brewery or Restaurant


Are you “Pairing your furniture” with your wines?

There are so many things that are taken into consideration when opening a winery, brewery or restaurant: like choosing the right location, selecting the staff, the recipes and produce, marketing and more. Choosing the sofa for the setting around the fireplace and selecting the chairs and tables to host your customers is often an afterthought. Yet it is of the utmost importance! 


Tip #1

Choose furniture to match your wines and menu

Your wines and produce tell a story! Customers are entering your world to sample your fine wines or food. Your décor contributes to creating the atmosphere and evoking the emotions that you want your visitors to experience. 

A casual country experience? A relaxed and cosy atmosphere? Minimalistic and trendy? What ever style you choose, make sure your furniture “pairs” with it. 


Tip #2

Comfort and functionality need focus

If you regularly need to move tables and chairs to suit the needs of your customers’ keep this in mind. Although design is important functionality still needs to be high on the list. Tables that can be folded down and chairs that can be stacked might be worth considering. 

If you want your customers to stay around for a while, comfortable seating can make all the difference. 


Tip #3

Choose different configurations

If you have a big enough area, creating several spaces in your room can be a good idea for hosting a variety of customers. 

A ‘lounge’ area or a bar can seat those just stopping for a drink or for customers waiting for a table to come free. 

Having a variety of table sizes will help seat couples through to large groups.


Tip #4

Make life easier

Choose materials that are easy to clean


Tip #5

Choose furniture designed for commercial use    

Although it may be tempting to choose cheap alternatives, your furniture will then require replacing sooner than you might hope.

Choose solid, long lasting furniture designed for commercial use


Tip #6

Organise your space carefully

Draw up floor plans with various options for your room’s layouts. Plan traffic flow from important areas ie: from kitchen to entrance and to the bar etc. Ensure staff can move around easily. 


Tip #7

Think about the little things

It can be the little things that make a big difference. Having chairs suitable to your cliental. Or attaching felt pads to the bottom of chairs to protect the flooring and enable easy movement without friction or scratches. 

Be Creative. Choose your Style and “Create your story!”


Have you read the 7 rules for perfectly pairing wine with food?

Here’s the link on Food and Wine pairing. 





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